Hassan "Iniko" Johnson


Hassan "Iniko" Johnson who most of you will recognize from his work as an actor on the extremely popular HBO show, The Wire, as Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice. Hassan is also a model and film producer. He stays incredibly busy running his production company called Autumn Leaves. To keep up with his busy production schedules, he relies on his trusty Bey Moss sea moss capsules.

Bey Moss purple sea moss capsules have everything your body needs to keep you not just going, but thriving. They promote cellular regeneration of the skin, aid in immune defense, support natural thyroid function, and assist with your circulation. Hassan was taking the Purple Sea Moss capsules and was also starting to try the 102+ Mineral Purple Sea Moss capsules which contain even more important minerals and vitamins to keep your body healthy and strong.

A huge thank you to Hassan for taking the time to shout us out and show us some love. We're honored and extremely grateful to include him in team Bey Moss.