The Bey's Journey to Bey Moss

In every endeavor lies a tale of inspiration and resilience. Our story at Bey Moss is deeply personal, fueled by a family's strength in overcoming life's hardest trials. It began with a proposal to my wife, Charmaine, marking the start of our journey, with a photograph capturing this moment and paying homage to her parents, who we sadly lost during significant family milestones. These losses, coupled with Charmaine's vibrant career and the influence of Nipsey Hussle's insights on Dr. Sebi's health teachings, catalyzed our founding of Bey Moss. We are inspired by the enduring spirits of Charmaine's parents and Hussle's passion for health, aiming to share the benefits of sea moss and holistic well-being with our community. Bey Moss stands as a tribute and commitment to healing, inviting others to join us in living healthily and honoring loved ones.

In Loving Memory
To the cherished memories of Charmaine's beloved parents, whose spirit and love continue to guide us every day.

102+ Mineral

Unleash the symphony of health with over 102 essential minerals. Thrive with nature's most potent blend of bladderwrack, burdock root, and purple sea moss.

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Maca Mineral

Experience a surge in energy and hormonal harmony with our exquisite blend of maca root and sea moss.

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Purple Sea Moss

Elevate your immune system, digestion, and skin health with every capsule of our 100% pure purple sea moss.

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I love it! I have so much energy and my hair and skin are so much better since taking this! I will be ordering more.

Tiffany W.

I love the purple sea moss bar it works amazing. I have eczema and it works really well to help clear it up. Skin feeling so soft.

Amare Trapp

I could’ve bought anything better. Make me feel so much better. I love instant results. Beymoss save my life.

Shaterra H.

I’m a new mom working from home and these are a game changer for me. I have so much more energy and it cuts my cravings.

Brandis B.

I have them with my celery juice and ginger shot in the mornings!! I love the energy I feel and the metabolism boost!!!

Meghan J.