7 Day Sea Moss Challenge

7 Day Sea Moss Challenge

Sea moss is as old as time. However, it has become a mainstream super-food rather recently. Present as powders, pills, capsules, gels, body lotions, and facial masks, this almost magical alga seems to be the newest go-to supplement for people who want to boost their immunity, lose weight, get energized, and care for their body.

Our 7-day sea moss challenge is designed to cleanse your body, restore your energy, and increase your appetite for a healthier and happier life. Rich in natural minerals and vitamins, and boasting antioxidants and iron, sea moss promises to be the all-in-one supplement we’ve been searching for our entire life. Harvested from the beaches of Ireland and the Caribbean, this sensational seaweed contains 92 minerals and more than 90% of the nutrients our body needs.

What exactly is sea moss?

We all know that sea moss is an alga but what is its story? People have been using sea moss for over 2,000 years, mostly as a natural medicine and remedy to treat flu-like symptoms, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other illnesses. This reddish seaweed is native to North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. However, due to its increasing popularity, sea moss is also grown in man-made pools in Antigua and Jamaica. As with many other natural foods, wild sea moss harvested directly from beaches is considered to be superior to the man-made type.

Most people who believe sea moss has the potential to improve their health don’t consume this type of algae raw. They prefer it as a gel or powder added to their food. Sea moss is often used for its compound known as carrageenan that acts as a food thickener for various foods and beverages. Sea moss gel is usually prepared by boiling raw or dried sea moss in clean water. You can also consume it with sugar or honey or simply take it daily as a pill.

Why should you add sea moss to your diet?

Sea moss is packed with nourishing minerals and vitamins. Containing 92 of the 110 minerals our body needs, this multi-vitamin seaweed contains iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, and manganese. Since our body relies on a balanced intake of minerals and vitamins for proper cell functioning, it’s only natural for people to turn to sea moss for a fast, healthy, and organic way to supplement their diet.

Sea moss increases your energy levels

Packed with iron, sea moss brings to the table 9 milligrams of iron per 100 grams. This means that sea moss has 9 times more iron than chicken. Plant-based eaters can easily rely on sea moss for their protein intake and exude energy every step of the way. Iron plays a major role in your energy levels. Sea moss is a real powerhouse and delivers the energy your body needs every day.

Sea moss boosts your immunity

Due to its abundance of vitamins and minerals, it’s only natural for sea moss to be able to improve your body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses. Rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc, this healing algae helps the body fight cold and flu symptoms.

Sea moss reduces intestinal inflammation

Having prebiotic effects, sea moss can improve digestion, promote healthy bacteria in the gut, and soothe the digestive tract. Consumed as a gel and added to foods, it can fight intestinal irritation. Dissolved in water, sea moss acts as a soluble fiber that offers the feeling of satiety and contributes to healthy digestion.

Sea moss protects your thyroid health and helps with weight loss

Sea moss has only 49 calories per 100 gr but has an amazing effect on your thyroid gland, often responsible for weight gain. When the thyroid gland doesn’t function properly, people may develop a condition called hypothyroidism. This means the gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain. Sea moss regulates your thyroid’s function and, due to its high levels of iodine, helps to produce thyroid hormones and regulate your metabolism. However, you need to consume this mineral in moderation, so make sure you check your iodine levels before adding sea moss to your diet.

What is the 7-day sea moss challenge?

The 7-day sea moss challenge is a cleansing diet that centers around sea moss. There are three types of challenges:

  • Fasting – excludes any food intake and allows you to consume sea moss and drink spring water
  • Juice cleanse – allows you to add fruits and vegetables to your sea moss cleansing diet
  • Food and juice cleanse – allows you to eat raw or, at least, healthy food, in addition to your sea moss and fruit and vegetable juices

The 7-day sea moss challenge can be adjusted to your needs. While fasting is the most difficult type of challenge, the food and juice cleanse allows for a more relaxed diet without negating the beneficial effects of the cleansing diet.

At the end of your 7-day sea moss challenge, you will feel more energized, your body will boost its immunity, your skin will have regained its natural glow, and you will crave less junk food. This is the first step to regulate your metabolism and begin a healthy weight loss process.

How to prepare sea moss for your 7-day challenge?

Eating dried sea moss on its own is not something many people enjoy. The most popular way to include sea moss in your diet is to add it to your smoothies, acai bowls, or even baked goods. Sea moss gel preparation is not complicated, but if you want to make your life easier, you can purchase sea moss gel from Bey Moss. You will save time and benefit from high-quality sea moss.

Due to its gelatin-like consistency, sea moss gel can easily become an ingredient for your morning smoothie. Just add natural spring water, your favorite fruits, and vegetables, and you will enjoy the power of 92 natural minerals in a few sips. If you prefer it, you can simply dissolve the gel in water for your intake of soluble fiber. Since it doesn’t add flavor to the food, many have no problem consuming sea moss as a gel. At times though, you may catch the scent of the ocean, but you can quickly remedy this if you soak the sea moss in limes.