Sea moss pills vs gel, which one should you take?

Sea moss pills vs gel, which one should you take?

Sea moss has become an incredibly popular superfood in recent years and many people are clambering to try it for themselves. The Chondrus Crispus or sea moss is a red alga that grows in the Atlantic shores of the Caribbean Islands, Europe, and North America. 

It’s managed to become known for its phenomenal health benefits and endless uses. In recent years, this particular sea vegetable has become increasingly popular among fitness and health enthusiasts due to the number of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty’s it comes with. 

The sea moss can benefit a person in all sorts of ways. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from using sea moss on yourself.

  • Sea moss comes with 92 of the 102 minerals that the human body requires, such as iron, iodine, zinc, and much more!
  • Very rich in amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, omega-fatty acids, and minerals.
  • Capable of reducing inflammation
  • Helps the body dissolve any excess mucus during a cold or flu.
  • Can help with respiratory problems
  • Helps getting rid of bad bacteria living in the guy and improves digestive health
  • When applied to the skin, it can help with acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

As you can see, sea moss has plenty of benefits, however, most people are not sure of the best way in using the moss. The sea moss is very versatile and can be consumed in all sorts of manners, whether it be in gel, powdered, capsules, pills, and so on. Most people will choose between the pill due to how easy it is to consume or the gel to combine them with their smoothies and other dishes. 

For this article, we’ll be going over which of the two you should take pills or gels?

Sea moss pills

Pills can come in a variety of forms from, simple tablets to hard-shelled capsules. When orally taken, these pills will begin to break down in the digestive tract and the medication or nutrition will be absorbed within the bloodstream and then distributed and metabolized. Sea moss pills will come in hard-shelled capsules that are composed of two halves. 

One piece fits inside the other piece to form a closed casing. Once the sea moss has been harvested from the ocean, it’s then washed and dried. The dried algae will then be grinded into powder and encapsulated. 

Sea moss pills will offer a more accurate dosage delivery method in a seamlessly administered package. Along with powdered forms, this is one of the more common forms to find sea moss on the market and is the cheapest to purchase. Pills tend to be fast-acting and break then quicker in the body compared to gels. Sea moss can be quite tasteless and gels can be off-putting for some due to the way the substance feels when consuming it. 

With a pill, all you need to do is swallow it down with some water and not deal with unpleasant tastes or odors. 

The absorption rate for pills is also much higher and offers an enhanced bioavailability, which means that the payload is likely to enter your bloodstream and reach the appropriate spots. This makes it take a pill slightly more effective compared to other methods, like gel. 

Furthermore, pills can be convenient for those who simply don’t have time to make themselves something that can go along with the gel form.

Popping one throughout the day and swallowing it down with water is quite convenient compared to gel, which goes better with food dishes like smoothies. 

This is especially true if you are not a huge fan of cooking and experimenting with food since gels can take quite a bit of combination to get something easy to swallow. Plus, the sea moss pill usually has a shelf life of two years. 

How can you make swallowing a sea moss pill easy?

Too many folks find the idea of swallowing pills, especially massive ones, uncomfortable.

Sea moss pills can be present swallowing challenges if you aren’t used to taking pills but still want to benefit from the fantastic nutrition offered by sea moss. Since the sea moss pills come encapsulated, they can be difficult to swallow due to har large they are. However, there are ways you can make it easier to swallow a sea moss pill and gain those sweet benefits.

Here are several ways you can try to take these pills:

  • Try taking a big swig of water before placing the pill in your mouth and visualize swallowing it down. Then do this one again with the pill placed inside your mouth. 
  • Drink from a bottle that has a narrow opening when taking the sea moss pill
  • Lean forwards slightly when you are swallowing it.
  • Add the pill to a semi-liquid food, such as pudding or applesauce.
  • Use a special cup or straw made to help with swallowing pills.
  • Cover the pill with an edible spray-on or gel for lubrication.

As mentioned before, sea moss pills are some of the easier to find on the market and straightforward compared to the gel version. Beymoss is one of the many places where you can get your hands on these sea moss pills. 

Sea moss gel

The process behind making sea moss gels is quite simple but very tedious to pull off and involves having to soak the sea moss for a few hours. While that happens, it absorbs the water and swells around three times its dehydrated size. 

Once the expansion is done, the sea moss is then washed and cleaned to get rid of the salt and sand accumulated from the sea. For the final step, the sea moss is blended with water until it achieves a smooth and creamy texture. The mixture is then refrigerated and the final result is sea moss gel. 

Sea moss gel variety has become one of the quickest growing methods for adding sea moss to a health routine. It’s becoming immensely popular with chefs, fitness enthusiasts, and smoothie makers as a way to include superfood to dishes that also alter the texture of the recipes it’s included in. 

The gel is usually created solely from unprocessed seaweed, which maintains the calories low while retaining the nutritional value of its ingredients. 

Once the sea moss gel has been stored in the fridge, it can last up to three weeks. You need to make sure it’s tightly sealed to ensure freshness. Some people prefer to make their own sea moss gel, so they can combine it with other ingredients such as elderberries or bladderwrack to give them an extra nutritional boost. 

Sea moss gel is an excellent option for both kids and adults who aren’t able to swallow pills. The gel can also be included in any smoothie or dessert and makes any recipe thick, creamy, and most importantly nutritious. Interestingly enough, the gel can also be used as a face mask and directly applied to the skin area. 

If you plan to use sea moss gel instead of a pill form, then the amount of sea moss to take daily is 1-2 tablespoons per day.

How to use it

As previously mentioned, sea moss gel has become increasingly popular for many health enthusiasts out there. This gel can be used as an ingredient for all sorts of recipes due to its capabilities to create a thick consistency perfect for non-dairy ice cream, sauces, dressings, shakes, smoothies, raw cheesecakes, chutneys, and puddings. 

The gel can also be included for a variety of soup broths along with other vegetables. Likewise, the dried or whole pieces can be simmered and strained to develop a thick nutritious soup stock. 

In the end, it will take some experimenting on your end to discover what dishes work best. However, there are tons of recipes available online that you can either recreate or have an idea of what best works for the gel. This way not only will be able to get that nutritious goodness from the gel but enjoy it with a delicious meal. 

It is also a great way to convince any younger family members to eat the sea moss since it can be easily combined with other delicious items. That's why they will not only get a tasty treat but one filled with every nutrition their body requires to grow strong and healthy. 

Topical Application

As we mentioned previously, sea moss is fantastic for those who wish to improve their skin health. It supports healthy skin and can fight off acne breakouts, eczema, and psoriasis. Other effects include skin protection, minor wound treatment, and potential anti-aging properties. The skin softening and healing properties provide a fantastic facial mask and plenty of people have applied the sea moss gel directly to their skin.   

According to a study, it was discovered that citrulline-arginine, a substance that can be found in sea moss, is capable of reducing skin aging. The essence defends the skin by promoting cell growth and metabolism. Citrulline-arginine can be found in skin creams since it is capable of protecting the skin from deteriorating in cold, dry climates and even treating minor wounds.

So which of these two are the best choices?

It all comes down to what you are comfortable within the end. Admittedly the Sea moss pill outweighs the gel form for several reasons. First of all, you’ll be getting a much better nutritional dosage from the pill form. The nutrition you acquire from the gel will vary depending on what you're combining it with, but even then, it will most likely be a few teaspoons at most. 

The pill also offers a more convenient form for you to take, especially if you're not much of a fan of making smoothies and simply want to get the nutrition it offers. The bioavailability of the sea moss is much higher compared to the gel, which means you only need a small amount compared to the gel, which requires a large portion to achieve a similar effect and potency. 

The shelf life between the two is different, and the pill variety far outclasses the gel. The sea moss pill can be shelved away for two years, while the gel can only last three weeks as long as it's tightly sealed and refrigerated correctly. 

Meaning you can take your time with the pill version and not concern yourself about it spoiling away, unlike the gel form, which will need to be used up in the coming weeks. It can be a real hassle if you do not have time to use it for smoothies on the go or don’t have recipes to combine it with. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to what type of lifestyle you prefer. If you're someone that enjoys drinking healthy smoothies and want to add a superfood that offers you fantastic results, then gel form is for you. 

The gel is quite delicious and goes well with all sorts of recipes so go wild when making your sea moss rich smoothie. However, if you need something a bit more convenient, then getting yourself a sea moss pill will be vastly beneficial for you. 


Sea moss can be seamlessly included in any type of diet. Even if you don’t digest it in some way, you can continue reaping the benefits by applying it to your skin in its gel form. If you are trying to decide on either of these two for dieting purposes, you should consider talking with your doctor before doing so. 

They will be capable of providing you with any extra information on whether sea moss will be a beneficial addition to your overall health. 

If you are looking for a store that sells sea moss pills and gels, then you should take a look at the store at Beymoss. We offer all sorts of sea moss related products, from gels to pill and anything else that can be beneficial to your overall health.