What type of foods can you add sea moss to?

What type of foods can you add sea moss to?

Sea moss is an incredible marine vegetable that offers several dishes not seen by most consumable items. As a superfood, it provides all sorts of nutritional value held under the attention of many fitness and health enthusiasts. It can also become all kinds of stuff, from simple pills to herbal remedies, gels, lotion, shampoos, and much more. Sea moss has become a crucial dietary food staple for specific areas that didn't have the luxury of growing too much food. The Irish would regularly harvest sea moss and use it as a food staple themselves and believed it could help cure respiratory illnesses. 

Combined with other foods, sea moss could become something that helps fill in any of the nutritional gaps you may not receive from certain foods. For example, Sea moss gels can be utilized as a thickening agent for an assortment of food staples, with smoothies being the most popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. Placing the proper amount of sea moss will ensure you not only receive some excellent nutritional benefits but a delicious drink as well.

Sea moss on its own is pretty tasteless, which is why you prepare it in combination with other foods. Moreover, the slimy texture behind it can get some getting used to if you apply too much of it to the food you're making. That is why for this article, we shall be going over what type of foods you can add sea moss.


Smoothies are one of the most popular ways to consume sea moss and were introduced to many people because of smoothies. Sea moss managed to gain its moment through social media, with the hashtag #seamossmoothies spread across people's feeds. This led to even celebrities jumping in with Kim Kardashian-West tweeting to her fans during a Q&A, mentioning that she enjoys sea moss smoothies.

Most people know that smoothies are a thick blended beverage with a shake-like consistency, usually pureed in a blender that has a variety of fruits or vegetables along with some added liquid such as milk, water, vegetable juice, fruit juice, or yogurt. The majority of smoothies consist of three parts: a type of liquid, an assortment of vegetables or fruits, and ice. If frozen fruits or vegetables are used, the cold temperature can be reached without needing to rely on ice. 

The thickness of a smoothie is decided by the ratio of liquids to solids, so to thicken any smoothie recipe, you can customarily reduce the amount of additional liquid or conversely add the number of necessary fruits or vegetables. Some individuals will optionally include powders to a smoothie for flavoring and added nutrition, which also assists with thickening the smoothie. Sea moss is a perfect example of this since most people use it as a thickening agent for their smoothies. 

Instead of using powders, sea moss smoothies will usually use the gel form to not only include extra nutritional benefits but have it thicken the smoothie. It is one of the reasons why it managed to explode on a variety of social media platforms in their hashtags. Sea moss has become a growing staple amongst many smoothie recipes in the last few years. With the crazy amount of combinations you can make with smoothies, it’s not too surprising to see sea moss make an appearance there. Especially since it’s become known as a superfood over the years, sea moss smoothies are growing in popularity and will remain for a long time. If you have not made your own yet, considering trying some in the future, it’s delicious to drink.


Juices are another way you can add sea moss to your daily food staple. Juicing another popular beverage that fitness and health enthusiasts use to get all the necessary nutrients they need to remain in great shape. If anything juicing rivals smoothies and there has been tons of debates on which of the two is overall better for you. Regardless, this is another type of food you can include it into, especially since juicing can be just as flexible as smoothies are. 

Juicing is a process in which natural liquids, minerals, and vitamins are extracted from raw vegetables or fruit. This process will completely strip away any solid matter from the fruits and vegetables, leaving you with a liquidated form. The liquid you gain from this process isn't just for hydrating purposes, it's filled with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins all in one seamless drink. While most people would prefer coffee or tea as their morning drinks, health enthusiasts have adopted juicing as a healthier and viable way to fuel their body in the morning. 

Since sea moss is a marine vegetable and a superfood filled with all sorts of benefits that help boost the body, it has become a popular choice for juicers. Either of the raw form or gel form of sea moss can be added to your juicing recipes and have become something worth sharing with others. If you have not added sea moss to your juices, then consider doing so now to get both an excellent drink and a health boost.


Cakes are some of the most well-known and popular bakery products that are rich in eggs, fat, and sugar. These baked goods can be accompanied by a wide variety of inclusions such as fruits and flavors like vanilla extract. Everyone enjoys eating cakes and is always looking forward to eating one during special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries. Regardless of the reason, cakes are fantastic and loved by everyone all over the world. 

However, cakes are known for being fattening due to the number of ingredients utilized to make these delicious confectionaries. This means that people will usually reserve to eat them during these celebratory moments, but even then, some hesitate due to trying to maintain their overall health. Fortunately, there are ways to make cake healthier and more nutritional for both adults and children.

There are so many ways you can make a cake that the possibility of making something both healthier and still retain its deliciousness is possible. Cake batter needs to be thick, and there’s no better way to pull this off than adding some sea moss into it for more thickening. That not only ensures you will be able to bake a delicious treat but also add some much needed positive nutrients, allowing your friends and family to eat it while feeling guilt-free. 


Tea’s are some of the most common drinks out there and for a good reason. They come in all sorts of flavors and provide an alternative to coffee for people who don’t enjoy the bitter taste. The process behind sea moss tea is quite simple, you need to add boiling water to a teapot containing leaves or a small bag of leaves from a plant. The leaves will then release flavor into the boiling water. Once that’s accomplished, the liquid is poured into a strainer over a cup that catches the leaves, and then drunk to enjoyment. 

Sea moss tea is considered a delicacy among a selective group of people. The Irish and Jamaicans are some of the primary consumers for sea moss tea due to the ease of access they hold to sea moss. When the Irish immigrated to Jamaica, they brought along the wonders of sea moss and introduced it as a food staple to the local people. Sea moss tea has become of these many food types that traditionally drink amongst the people there, especially the males because of the supposed benefits it has over a person's sex life.

Making sea moss tea isn’t too hard, you only need to boil some water in a pot and add your sea moss gel. The ratio is somewhere around one part sea moss and four parts water. It’s also possible to include the ingredients straight into a cup and mix well before drinking away. If you are looking for ways to consume sea moss during a colder season or merely enjoy teas, then this is a fantastic option for you. 

Homemade ice cream 

Ice cream is most likely one of the most beloved ice treats to have ever graced the world. The food itself can light up anyone's day and is an excellent treat to have all around. Ice cream is made by combining milk, cream, sugar, and sometimes other various ingredients that have been frozen into soft, creamy goodness using special methods. Ice cream popularity has been going on for hundreds of years but has only managed to become widespread in recent centuries because of refrigeration. The immense popularity of ice cream has caused several ice cream variations to appear over the years, such as frozen yogurt, frozen custard, and even non-dairy versions made with other uncommon ingredients like coconut milk.

Homemade ice cream has become a quintessential treat during the summer months. Plenty of people these days enjoy making their ice cream at home and combine all sorts of ingredients you normally would not see. Sea moss made ice cream isn’t something you can pick up at the local store, unfortunately, so you will have to make it yourself. However, that means you can make all sorts of fascinating ice cream treats you’ve never tried before and combine them with some sea moss gel for that nutritional value. The best part is that you can serve this to your younger family members as well. If you want them to eat a bit healthier but also give them a delicious cold treat, then this is the perfect way to go about it.

Stews and soups

Stews and soups are great ways to eat all sorts of food, and it's just as flexible as some of the others on this list. Both of them have all varieties of incredible recipes that can be made into something delicious and healthy. They are especially popular during the cozy season, where warm food is welcomed, to deal with the harsh coldness, and comfort food in a bowl.

Stews and soups are quite different from one another but still have some similarities between them. The purpose behind the two is to provide us with a nursing yet comforting meal that everyone can enjoy. Both of them are served in a bowl, are quite delicious, and they go perfect with some bread or crackers for dunking. Besides that, however, there is some distinction that makes both of them. 

The primary difference between stew and soup is found in the main ingredient: liquid. For soups, the liquid is the chief deliverer of the ingredients found in the pot. Soups will then be either liquified or include other foods such as meat or vegetables that are entirely submerged in stock, broth, or water. Although, stews are much healthier and thicker compared to soups. The ingredients will be much chunkier, and while the dish does have liquids, it contains enough to cover the main parts. 

Regardless of which of these two you prefer the most, both of them make an incredible option to add sea moss. They not only provide you with the comfort food you need to make it during tiresome times but come packed with healthy edibles. Sea moss would go with pretty much any combination of stew or soup recipe you can think of. So if you need something during the winter times and watch to boost your nutrients, then this is the way to go.


Sea moss can be included in quite a bit of food types, and most of them are familiar enough. That makes it great for people who enjoy each kind of these food types and wish to change things up a bit, especially when it comes to their health. Best of all, there is something for each season and time of day for consuming each of these food types. It all comes down to which of these sounds more enticing to you and if you wish to reap all the health benefits that sea moss has to offer.