Where Does Sea Moss Come From?

Where Does Sea Moss Come From?

Sea plants have been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for many years, due to their concentrated nutrient and antioxidant profile. Purple sea moss is a plant that grows naturally in certain areas of the ocean yet offers so many human health benefits.

Origins of Sea Moss

Sea moss is a type of thick purple/red sea algae or seaweed known scientifically as Chondrus crispus. It grows naturally along the rocky Atlantic coasts between North America and Europe. The sea moss that grows in the warmer waters around the Caribbean, around Central and South America, Asia, and Africa, grows in a more naturally red color and is often called Irish sea moss or Jamaican purple sea moss.


Historians say that there’s evidence of people using sea moss for nearly 14,000 years. In fact, it appears that people in China were using it back in 600 BC. It was even an original source of nutrition in the British Isles near 400 BC. Sea moss has been cultivated off of the coasts of Ireland as well, which is actually where the sea plant got its name.

Carrageenan and Sea Moss

Sea moss is a natural source of a compound called carrageenan, which has been widely used in the food and beverage industry as a thickening agent. The name “carrageenan” comes from a cape in Northern Ireland called Carrigan Head, inspired by the Irish word “carraingin” which means “little rock”.


Just a couple of centuries ago, people were using sea moss for its carrageenan in effort to cure infections and congestion in both humans and animals alike. To get the carrageenan from it, the sea moss was harvested from the ocean shores and laid flat to dry in the sun. It was then washed and boiled before use. Some even used it as a thickener for Irish pudding.


Sea moss is so nutrient-rich that it became an even more important source of nutrients during the 1800s amidst the Irish Potato Famine. During this time, mass starvation and disease swept across parts of Ireland between 1845-1849. Many people used red seaweed, added to warmed milk with sugar and spices like nutmeg to make their own nutrient-enriched beverage when options were scarce. Interestingly, this sea moss drink is still consumed by people in Ireland and the Caribbean.


Fast forward to today and now sea moss is used globally, primarily for its carrageenan content. It is used widely in the food industry and as a stabilizing agent, emulsifier, and thickener in some of your favorite household staples. For example, carrageenan has been used in a variety of non-dairy milks like almond, coconut, and hemp milk, various coffee creamers, frozen foods, canned soup, and some types of yogurt.


Because of its global use and growing popularity, sea moss is now grown and harvested in other coastal countries like the United States and China. Bey Moss has also helped pioneer its use in supplemental, personal care, and beauty products that countless people love. This way, you can reap the benefits of sea moss in ways that align with your everyday lifestyle.

Why People Love Sea Moss


While purple Jamaican sea moss has been used medicinally and nutritionally in smaller cohorts of local populations for centuries, it’s been primarily harvested for its carrageenan content on a commercial basis. Now, Bey Moss has introduced sea moss to the world from a different perspective.


Purple sea moss has been harvested and prepared for use in personal care and beauty products as well as dietary supplements. Bey Moss obtains its sea moss from high quality suppliers, and then it goes through the necessary manufacturing processes to become the groundbreaking consumer products they offer.


You can see on the Bey Moss site that there are many happy customers who support their purple sea moss products. Some of the most frequent testimonials include reports of improved energy levels, better blood pressure management, stronger immunity, and enhanced beauty on the inside and out.

How to Use Sea Moss Today

You may notice sea moss in the form of carrageenan in some of your favorite foods or beverages, but there are many other ways you can enjoy the benefits of this incredible sea plant.


The Beys themselves are not only fervent users and believers in the powerful health benefits of purple sea moss, but have also dedicated their lives to creating natural products you can love and trust.


As such, Bey Moss has utilized purple sea moss to create an array of consumer products fit for any lifestyle. Sea moss can be enjoyed as a dietary supplement, in capsule or gummy form, as a gel, as a powder to add to drinks or smoothies. It can also be added to soap or shampoo for personal care uses. You can also find it in its raw wild harvested form that you can use to make your own sea moss gel at home.


While sea moss may have originated in rocky waters near the coast of Jamaica and Ireland, it’s proven itself throughout centuries to have numerous uses and benefits. Today you can appreciate its rich history while enjoying its benefits in forms that fit your modern lifestyle.


Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and freelance writer with 13-years of experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics.  Through her writing she demonstrates her passion for helping people achieve ideal health and make transformational changes in their lives.