Where can I purchase high-quality sea moss?

Where can I purchase high-quality sea moss?

Sea moss's popularity has soared as people have become fascinated with the marine vegetable capabilities to offer all sorts of benefits. The sea moss comes packed with an incredible density of nutrients, which has led to many people classifying it as a superfood. It also offers some fantastic benefits that improve the human body overall. With the hype surrounding this sea vegetable, plenty of people have done their best to get their hands on them. 

Because of the explosion in popularity sea moss has acquired in their recent couple of years, plenty of stores have been selling this in a variety of packages. You can purchase sea moss in many different forms, from capsules, powders, gels, gummies, shampoo, and even raw. It all comes down to how you decide on using the sea moss to gain its magnificent benefits. 

However, not every vendor you go to will be offering you some of the highest quality sea moss available. Buying low-quality sea moss will defeat the purpose of even trying to gain the nutritional benefits of sea moss. The worst possible thing that could happen is you spend a good chunk of your money purchasing sea moss that barely benefits you because of the low quality it came in. Some vendors will sell you a seaweed they claim to be sea moss. In reality, this sea moss could be another marine vegetable with similar looks. Being vigilant on the sea moss you buy is very vital to your overall health.

That is why for this article, we will list out places you can go to purchase high-quality sea moss. 

Bey Moss

The first on our list is going to be our own brand Bey Moss, a health and wellness company dedicated to developing dietary supplements and personal care products made by using purple sea moss. We’re founded by a married couple named Nick and Charmaine Bey, this business is 100% minority-owned, family-driven, and female-led. The products they have to offer come in all shapes and sizes, such as capsules, gels, gummies, powder, bar and liquid soaps, shampoos, and wild raw sea moss. Its immense success also led them to develop Aqua Bey, a unique drink made from sea moss that can detoxify and balance the electrolytes and pH in the body.

Each of these products can be used in several ways and are convenient for the user of their products. The purple sea moss they sell can be included in any of your favorite foods and beverages, used alongside your usual beauty regimen, or taken as a daily supplement. The best part about Bey Moss is that their products are all created organically and built on natural ingredients. 

Shop D Caribbean

What started as a simple idea became something massive for these young groups of farmers and entrepreneurs. Shop D Caribbean is founded by a dedicated group of individuals who have made it their mission to spice up the world with the culture of the Caribbean. The main goal for Shop D Caribbean is to share their food, fashion, and lifestyle with people from all over the world. The Caribbean has already acquired plenty of international shoppers who have made this place their one-stop-shop for anything Caribbean. 

Sea moss is one of their main products and is how they have managed to develop their brand over the years. The sea moss they sell is harvested by small-scale aquaculture farmers in the protected waters of St. Lucia. The waters used to grow the sea moss are fed nutrients from a source of nearby volcanic lands. They then dry it out by using the natural heat from the sun once maturity has become achieved. Another point of interest is that the farmers work very closely with the Government to adhere to positive sustainability practices. 

Detox and Cure

Detox and Cure is a company that fully believes that a person should live holistically and care about themselves naturally, without the need for chemicals found in food or cleaning products that can potentially damage the body. This company wants people to become healthier, happier, and live a holistic lifestyle. They have committed themselves to provide the information people need to live a more fulfilling, healthy lifestyle. It is also their belief that wellness encapsulates a person's physical bodies, mental health, spiritual well being, emotional quotients, and environmental influences. 

The main focus for Detox and Cure is Sea moss. They have personally experienced the benefits of these marine vegetables over the years, and it has had excellent results for them. By including sea moss in a wide range of recipes, they have managed to expand their own lifestyle. Along with the sea moss they sell in their store, they provide a wide range of recipes that's easy to read, making it easier to find ways to use this versatile marine vegetable. They mostly sell raw sea moss in bulk, so if you're interested in using high-quality sea moss in its rawest form, then they are a good pick for it. 

Akeem Pierre

Akeem Pierre is a wellness entrepreneur who founded his store to help people get acquainted with the superfood known as sea moss. Akeem runs a YouTube channel that focuses on health and fitness with some added touches of motivation and spirituality. Not only does he offer advice on how to improve your body, but teaches his viewers the benefits of sea moss. The videos he records also show detailed information on using sea moss for both its raw or gel form.

The sea moss the store sells is all naturally processed and does not have any unwanted additions on it. The full spectrum of their sea moss is so potent that you can smell the salt on it because of the method they use to dry it out. Salt naturally collects on their sea moss because of the drying processes instead of evaporating, so expect that surprise when buying sea moss from Akeem. 

Alive Herbals USA

Alive Herbals USA is a brand that managed to establish itself back in 2013. Their goal is to provide the best quality herbs, spices, and custom blends for you and your family. While they do offer a wide assortment of products in their store, they do have quite a selection of sea moss that makes it work picking up. This brand considers sea moss to be an all-natural food that works in a smart way to boost human body energy. They have managed to harvest their sea moss from water restricted areas, which are places regulated by the Government where human activity is prohibited. 

Alkaline Herb Shop

Alkaline Herb Shop was founded by Suhail Rivera after having spent ten years working as an attorney and eating an unhealthy diet for most of her life. This lifestyle leads to severe depression and stress that could not be cured with traditional medicine. Researching alternative healing methods led her to Dr. Sabi’s work, and after having changed her diet, she started to feel better than she had ever felt before. 

Because of the excellent positive benefits she received from following Dr. Sabi’s work, she shared it with her friends and family. That led to her getting some rave reviews and put her on the path to start a business. She retired from law practice and opened her store to sell sea moss and herbs that were helping her at reasonable prices. The store sells sea moss as a capsule supplement, powdered and raw. The store sells a variety of sea moss, such as Chondrus crispus and purple sea moss. 

Essential Sea Moss

Essential Sea Moss is a brand based in Atlanta, Georgia. They believe that everyone should live a holistic lifestyle of health and wellness.  The company has made it its mission to help individuals by setting them on the right path to healthy eating. They wish to show millions of people the many benefits sea moss can offer by having it in their daily lives. 

Essential Sea Moss was launched to provide everyone with an excellent product that will invigorate them and help them become a healthier person. In a time when having optimal health is the best defense against disease, viruses, and conditions that devastate massive parts of the population, being healthy is everyone's priority.

They offer a variety of sea moss products on the storefront, such as capsules, raw and fruit blended sea moss gel. The sea moss they acquire is all wildcrafted, so you won’t have to worry about getting a low-quality product from them. They even have a recipe section that serves as an excellent guide for beginners. Consider checking out their recipe section if you need ideas for your first sea moss intake. 

Red Kitchen Sink

Red Kitchen Sink is run by a former nurse who had taken up growing various herbs as a hobby after her daughter was born. Her daughter's birth inspired her to create herbal remedies that could assist with better hair growth and skin care. Due to her working closely with cancer patients, she gained the idea of expanding into developing her own products after sharing her remedies with them to help relieve them of their dry skin issues. With the assistance of her husband, Red Kitchen Sink was launched. The products they sold became quite popular among many people with skin-related problems. 

The Cell Fuel 102 Sea Moss formula is one of the more popular products on the storefront. It comes in a variety of forms, such as powdered, capsules, and shampoos. They also sell gel and raw forms of sea moss that's from St. Lucia in the Caribbean. 

Herbal Vineyards

Herbal Vineyards was founded by someone who underwent an ordeal that made them seek out a variety of treatment. Back in 2015, Jennifer was suffering from skin problems that led to severe inflammation and skin irritation. After having bounced back and forth between doctors to receive a treatment that would work for her, she started doing some heavy research into a healthier alternative. After stumbling upon sea moss, she began to make it a part of her daily routine, and after a year, the results were positive. Incorporating sea moss into her life led to beautiful skin, enhanced energy, and overall better health. 

Herbal Vineyard offers an assortment of sea moss in their store. They have two types of gel, one made with purple sea moss and the other with Irish sea moss. Capsulated and raw forms of sea moss are also available at the store. The sea moss they use to make these products are all wildcrafted as well, so it should come in high quality. 

Infinite Age Co

Infinite Age's goal is to help people who are having trouble remaining healthy and are tired of dealing with prescribed drugs. They offer various supplements to assist people with becoming healthier and getting their lives back on track. Transparency is something Infinite Age takes very seriously, every one of their products has been FDA established, and their clinical data is available to the public. All of their products are naturally made and have no chemical enhancements added to the equation.

They sell sea moss in three different formats, gels, capsules powdered, and raw. The moss they use in the creation of their products is all wildcrafted, so this ensures that the quality behind each one is of optimal quality. Out of every one of their products, Infinite Age Sea Moss Advanced is the most popular on their list. 


The quality of your sea moss should be something that matters to you. If you want to benefit from the nutrition offered by this marine vegetable, then you want to make sure the place you're shopping at has the best available. Buying sea moss in its rawest form is the best way to find out its quality. Furthermore, it will give you a good idea if the product you bought is authentic sea moss and not some other sea vegetable that looks similar to sea moss. Regardless of how you go about it, each of these sites can provide you with some of the highest quality sea moss.