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RAW Wildcrafted Gold Sea Moss (2oz)


Sea Moss in the Raw for Long-Lasting Versatile Nutrition

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Organic Natural Ingredients for Glowing, Nourished Skin

Wild Harvested Gold Sea Moss is made with Chondrus crispus, a seaweed that has been hand-harvested for centuries. 

This cold-water seaweed species is rich in amino acids, alginic and fatty acids, and numerous essential vitamins and minerals, such as:

How to Use Bey Moss Raw Wild Harvested Gold Sea Moss

Source: Caribbean Sea’s / St. Lucia 

How To Use The Raw Bey Moss

  1. Soak your 2 oz beymoss in warm or boiling spring purified or distilled water and watch it grow double in size or more!
  2. Wash off your beymoss and put it in a blender with a cup of spring or distilled water. (Add any of your favorite fruit or veggies for a flavored beymoss gel)
  3. Blend until all containment’s are fully blended. Then, pour it out into a jar, preferably glass.
  4. Allow the gel to cool off and thicken up. When the gel is no longer warm, refrigerate!
  5. Shelf life is 2 - 3 weeks

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